Engine Lubrication: Recycle your used oil

The lubrication system in a small engine is vital to maintaining top performance and a long life. Most engines made by the big brands are designed to provide the right amount of lubrication under every operating condition.

Why Engine Lubrication is Important?

Although exhaust helps reduce the amount of heat in a small engine, lubrication is very important as it helps to ensure engine longevity and reliability. Oil reduces the engine temperature and friction between the components of the engine. The best way to enjoy an easy, long, and hassle-free life for your small engine is to check and change your oil frequently.

So, How Do Lubrication Systems Work?

Most engines typically run on one of three different types of engine lubrication systems:

Pressure Lubrication

Pressure lubrication is used in many single cylinder engines and provide a controlled flow of clean oil to bearings. This prevents wear and tear and contributes to a longer engine life. Th Pressure Lubrication system takes advantage of a very efficient pump which pushes oil to all necessary areas, such as the connecting rod-bearing surfaces and the all-important crankshaft. The Pressure Lube system uses a premium spin-on oil filter.

Full-Pressure Lubrication

The Full-Pressure Lube system is not unlike that of a car engine. It’s also similar to the system mentioned right above here – the pressure lubrication system. This system provides full pressure lubrication and it also brings oil to necessary engine components through mechanisms which use an efficient pump to pump oil to connecting rod-bearing surfaces and the crankshaft. With this sytem it’s best to use a premium spin-on oil filter to ensure durability and remove contaminants.

Splash Lubrication

This system utilizes a dipper which is connected to the crank and dips into the oil reservoir on the down stroke. Then, on the up stroke, the dipper “splashes” up and onto the engine parts. This gear-driven dipper distributes oil to all the engine’s important components and it prevents small passages from clogging.

Recycle that Oil!

Many brands, like Briggs & Stratton, have a solution to help you recycle your used oil. These brands offer easy, convenient, environmentally friendly, and free solutions to do this. So, we want to share an excellent video that show you all about engine lubrication

Aug 5th 2015 M. E.

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