If you are looking for the Briggs and Stratton 492932S Oil Filter OEM. Keep free your oil of contaminants. This is an OEM Briggs and Stratton Replacement.

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Briggs and Stratton 492932S Oil Filter

If you are looking for the Briggs and Stratton 492932S Oil Filter OEM. Keep free your oil of contaminants. This is an OEM Briggs and Stratton Replacement.

This oil filter replacement has a shipping of weight of 0.4 lb. The dimensions of the filter are 2.95 x 2.95 x 2.36 cm. Design to prevent any harmful materials when your lawn mowers is working. Very easy to install and take out.

The Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter is used in certain models. Make sure this is the component you need. Check the Briggs and Stratton 492932S Oil Filter Where Used.

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Briggs & Stratton 492932S

SKU: 492932S

This part replace: 7045184, 492056 and 492932

Where Used: File


Briggs and Stratton 492932S Oil Filter OEM Where Used




XL Series


F620, F680, F687, M653, M655, M665, Z245, Z425, Z510A, Z520A, Z910A and Z920A ZTrak mowersand lawn tractors, 1200 Hydro Rake, 800 Aercore Aerator


FB460V, FC420V, FC540V, FD501D, FD590V, FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FX481V, FX541V, FX600V, FX651V, FX691V and FX730V


CH18-CH25 and CV18-CV25; for 18 thru 25 HP engines


Loader L507 with Deutz BF4L1011FT engines


OHV130, OHV135, OHV150, OHV155, OHV165, OHV175, OHV180, TVT691, OV and VTX


Units with Kawasaki FB460V, FC420V, FC540V, FD501D, FD590V, FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FX481V, FX541V, FX600V, FX651V, FX691V and FX730V engines; Kohler CH18-CH25 and CV18- CV25; for 18 thru 25 HP engines


Vanguard engines small version filter; for 12thru 25 HP engines; pressure lubrication engines. Also;

104772-0110-01 104772-3112-01 104777-4007-01 215802-0120-B9 215802-0162-B1 215802-2466-B1 215807-0026-G1 215807-0145-B1 215807-0179-F1 215807-1180-B1
104772-0111-01 104772-3112-02 104777-4007-01 215802-0120-E9 215802-0164-B1 215802-2553-B1 215807-0101-B1 215807-0146-B1 215807-0182-F1 215807-1194-B1
104772-0113-01 104772-3112-02 215802-0005-F1 215802-0122-B1 215802-0165-B1 215802-2578-B2 215807-0101-E1 215807-0147-B1 215807-0186-F1 215807-1529-G1
104772-0114-01 104772-4003-01 215802-0015-G1 215802-0123-B1 215802-0165-H7 215802-2578-G2 215807-0105-B1 215807-0149-B1 215807-0188-H1 215807-1529-G5
104772-0115-01 104772-4004-01 215802-0113-E1 215802-0123-B9 215802-0167-B1 215802-3015-G5 215807-0105-E1 215807-0150-B1 215807-0189-F1 215807-1536-G5
104772-0116-01 104772-4004-03 215802-0114-B1 215802-0123-E1 215802-0171-B1 215802-3124-B1 215807-0108-E1 215807-0152-B1 215807-0191-G5 215807-2114-B1
104772-0117-01 104772-4005-01 215802-0114-E1 215802-0123-E9 215802-0177-F1 215802-3139-H1 215807-0117-B1 215807-0153-B1 215807-0193-F1 215807-2117-B1
104772-0118-01 104772-4024-01 215802-0114-E9 215802-0124-B1 215802-0180-G5 215802-3553-B1 215807-0117-E1 215807-0155-B1 215807-0194-B1 215807-2118-B1
104772-0119-01 104772-4025-01 215802-0115-B1 215802-0124-E1 215802-0185-H1 215802-3578-G2 215807-0129-B1 215807-0156-B1 215807-0274-B1 215807-2120-B1
104772-0120-01 104772-4044-01 215802-0115-E1 215802-0126-B1 215802-0190-F1 215802-3578-G6 215807-0129-E9 215807-0159-B1 215807-0274-E1 215807-2467-B1
104772-0120-02 104772-4044-01 215802-0115-E9 215802-0126-E9 215802-0192-F1 215802-4116-F1 215807-0132-B1 215807-0161-B1 215807-0314-E1 215807-2507-B1
104772-0121-01 104772-4045-01 215802-0118-B1 215802-0130-B1 215802-0223-E1 215802-4120-F1 215807-0132-E9 215807-0163-B1 215807-0324-B1 215807-2551-B1
104772-0122-99 104772-4045-02 215802-0118-B9 215802-0130-E1 215802-0313-E1 215802-4123-H1 215807-0133-B1 215807-0169-B1 215807-0324-E1 215807-2604-B2
104772-0122-99 104772-4045-02 215802-0118-E1 215802-0138-B1 215802-0333-B1 215802-4141-F1 215807-0134-B1 215807-0170-B1 215807-0331-B1 215807-3025-G5
104772-0123-01 104777-0102-01 215802-0118-E9 215802-0139-B1 215802-0334-B1 215802-4158-H1 215807-0135-B1 215807-0172-B1 215807-0331-E1 215807-3026-G5
104772-0124-01 104777-0112-01 215802-0119-B1 215802-0141-B1 215802-0578-B2 215802-4164-F1 215807-0137-B1 215807-0173-B1 215807-0332-B1 NN
104772-0125-01 104777-3102-01 215802-0119-B9 215802-0148-B1 215802-2110-B1 215805-2119-B1 215807-0140-B1 215807-0174-B1 215807-0335-B1 NN
104772-0125-02 104777-4006-01 215802-0119-E1 215802-0154-B1 215802-2113-B1 215807-0001-F1 215807-0142-B1 215807-0175-H1 215807-0604-B2 NN
104772-0127-01 104777-4006-02 215802-0119-E9 215802-0157-B1 215802-2115-B1 215807-0003-B1 215807-0143-B1 215807-0175-H7 215807-0948-G5 NN
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